About Simply Aria Boutique

About Simply Aria Boutique


My name is Astrid.  I'm a mother of two amazing little ones and also a Registered Dental Hygienist. Simply Aria Boutique started in 2018 when I was looking for Organic Muslin Bibs for my daughter, Aria. I never found any in the end, so I decided to make them myself.  I didn't do this very long since I had my hands full with both my kids and eventually I went back to work. Yet, my little idea of having an online shop offering quality accessories for families never quite left my mind.  
March 2020 hit and I was moved to do something to help. Who I thought of the most was my family. My sisters offered to do our groceries, but they had no personal protective equipment such as masks or gloves, so I pulled out my sewing machine, got a simple pattern, and got down to business. This quickly expanded to front line workers in our neighborhood. My mom encouraged me to put them on Etsy, so by June, I created an account. She is really the one who set all this in place at age 16 when she forced me to learn to sew in the first place. (thanks mom!)

2024 and life changed again.  I changed. So has Simply Aria Boutique. This is not just a business to me.  It's an outlet for my feelings.  I may not be a artist or a writer, but I've found I can sew and i enjoy selecting beautiful and unique fabrics.  This is my small way of expressing myself, and it's wonderful that others wear may creations as expressions of themselves.  Art is beautiful and important because it connects us. Well, this is my small way of connecting.

I'm grateful for this outlet, and grateful to have you join me in this journey. 

Lots of Love
From my family to yours,


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