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Aubergine Sherpa Headband (limited edition)

Aubergine Sherpa Headband (limited edition)

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The soft and cozy headband to keep you warm this winter!

Headband is adult size and fits kids ages 10 and over. 
Each is made by hand and may vary slightly.

Wash in cold water
Lay flat to dry 


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About OUr Headbands


Are they tight?

The main question i get is how tight are they. Honestly, as someone who suffers from headaches and can barely wear a scrunchie. These headbands i can wear all day long because they are so comfortable. If you feel you need to really strech it out go ahead. They are so stretchy!

Do you make them?

Yes! I make them myself and i try to source all product i use locally or at least in Canada.

What's the diffrence with the Top Knot and the Luxe Top Knot?

I make two type of headbands. One is what i call the OG top knot which is not fully lined and tinner. It is very comfortable and a more casual look. You will notice in the inside of it you see suade on the top inner part of headband. This is on purpose. I sell this to many moms with kids and the suade helps the headband not slip off. The Luxe is made mainly for adults although kids can wear them too and are fully lined and just a more detailed and fancy look.